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About Dani La Barrie

Hi! I’m Dani LaBarrie, and I’m on a mission to equip and empower you to break free from unhealthy behaviors that are stopping you from being your best self. Professionally, I’m a Licensed Psychotherapist and Happiness Transformation Coach. I founded Affinity Care when I saw woman after woman trapped by some “affinity” - that’s the word I use instead of addiction - for alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, or any other repetitive coping mechanism.

So many affinities start out harmless, don’t they? We drink a little here, shop a little there, or even engage in “recreational” drugs. But what I found in my more than 10 years working with women is that what starts out as dabbling can become super-destructive. And it’s oh-so-sneaky the way that these affinities steal our happiness.

If you’re struggling to kick an unwanted habit, you’re not alone.

I was bound up in a lifestyle of drinking, drugs and partying for years. In fact, it got bad enough that both my health and my career were at risk.

Let me paint the picture of what I experienced. Growing up, I struggled to feel pretty. My parents are from Trinidad and Tobago, where the ideal of beauty is curvy and “thick.” As you can see from my photos, I’m a thin woman. Right there, the seeds of insecurity were planted. And as I grew older and more self-conscious, I sought out unhealthy relationships that eventually evolved into complete codependency.

Now add on the stress of a demanding school and work life to my already-insecure self, and I just wanted a little release! What started out as a bit of weekend fun to take the edge off the tension I was experiencing with a demanding job grew into a full-fledged NEED to use both drugs and alcohol. I had a problem with ecstasy, cocaine, and MDMA.

I didn’t want to be alone, but my affinities forced me to live a double life in order to hide my issues.

After a certain amount of time, I knew that I was either going to lose my job, my relationship, my life, or all three if I continued down this harmful path. I made a commitment to heal myself. Taking the skills I’d learned through 11 years of professional experience helping others get a handle on addiction, I self-taught, self-soothed, and made it out of the darkness into the lightest, happiest days of my life!

Now, I’m on a mission to end the stigma of addiction.

Rather than calling things an addiction, I refer to them as affinities. You can take a liking to overeating, overshopping, indiscriminate sex, drugs, alcohol and a whole host of other things. It doesn’t make you broken or damaged. It just makes you human.

Every single woman on earth is looking for love and acceptance. We desire to feel fulfilled and complete. And I know how to help you experience those feelings without the use or abuse of substances or activities that are actually taking you away from living your best life.

When you are willing to examine your life, release habits that are holding you back, and replace them with supportive strategies, your entire life can transform! I’m here to show you how.

Let’s get you the steps to living happily again!

Yes! I’m Ready To Get Started

Professional Biography

Danielle “Dani” La Barrie is a Licensed Psychotherapist who holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and a Bachelor's Degree Majoring in Social Work with a Minor in Psychology from Florida International University. Ms. La Barrie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Qualified Supervisor for Registered Clinical Social Work Interns, as well as a Certified Addictions Professional in the state of Florida. She has worked as a mental health therapist in the Department of Juvenile Justice System in Broward County, as a school-based therapist in the Florida Keys, as an in-home family therapist providing intensive therapy to at-risk youths, and as a clinical director of addiction treatment centers. She has significant experience with clients who suffer from addiction disorders, mental health disorders, dual diagnoses, personality disorders, addictive behaviors, and codependency.

As founder and CEO of Affinity Care, Dani now assists ambitious women who fill emotional voids with what we call ‘Affinities’ — addictions to (a/k/a Affinities for) alcohol, unhealthy relationships, shopping, food, technology, social media, gambling, working . . . basically, women who are in a cycle of pain, chaos, depression, anger, and anxiety. Affinity Care helps women fill the emotional void they once filled with unhealthy coping mechanisms, get connected with themselves, and get reignited with their passion through guided meditations, spirituality, mindfulness techniques, and step-by-step strategies.

Are you struggling to overcome stress? Often, people turn to affinities, such as alcohol, prescription pills, or other substances to try to reduce their stress. This is a strategy that will hurt you long-term. We have a better solution, learn how Dani La Barrie can help you overcome stress and find inner peace without the use of affinities.